Summer Festivals!

Due to the good many summer festivals at which The Uke Box & The Jumping Flea will be appearing, the shop will be closed during the month of July.

Our next big event is The Big Rivers Festival in Dordrecht. We'll be there from 1pm Friday the 18th till late Sunday evening on the 20th. You can find us close to the 'Visbrug' where we'll have a tiny little theater in which we'll hold Ukulele Interventions intermingled with Pocket-Size Performances throughout the day. Next to this we'll have our shop set up with 'Mostly Musical Wonders & Curiosities' for your festival buying pleasure. We are so looking forward to it and of course, we would absolutely love to see YOU there!

Here's a little glimpse of our market in a test video made by our friendly Spanish neighbor Miguel Torre who i am hoping to work with more this coming fall on some new projects.

June the 28th & 29th, The Pijnackerplein Bluegrass Festival

This weekend we'll be celebrating the best damn little festival in Rotterdam, The Pijnackerplein Bluegrass Festival! The Jumping Flea will be there selling Musical Wonders, Handmade Goodness & Vintage Curiosities. We will also be holding a Ukulele Intervention for Cowpokes and Ranch Girls on Saturday at 6pm. It's going to be an absolutely amazing weekend. See you there! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAW!
Oh, and check out the beautiful flyers and posters made by our very own, Shelley Rickey!