We're Back!

Here's our new Flyer with some of the upcoming events listed on the right-hand side. 
We'll be busy updating the website this week and getting the mailings in the post...
More information coming soon!

Gone Fishing!

We here at the 'Flea' are taking a creative sabbatical during the month of August. Marko and i have been going at it pretty hard for about ten years now with very few breaks. Of course, we've enjoyed every last minute of it but a creative always needs time to reload, reinvent and revive. So, while lying under a blue summer sky, we'll be contemplating and planning the future of our musical endeavors and of course, working to ever-improve and expand The Jumping Flea Market. We have lots of big dreams for our artistic futures and we look forward to putting them in action.... right after we wiggle our toes in the grass for a little while.
Till September, The Jumping Flea Market will only be Open via Appointment, which you can make via email or telephone (see contact details in right column). We will also be checking our e-mail from time to time, so should you have any business inquiries for us, we will of course be more than happy to address them.

We wish you all a wonderful summer and we hope that you too take the time to gaze into the big blue sky and dream big big dreams. See you in the Fall!