Thursday 10th of April, Ukulele Nightschool

During the next edition of Ukulele Nightschool, we will be focusing on the 'Waltz'. By way of a couple of songs from Rotterdam, both a classic and a new dutch translation of the 'Tennessee Waltz', we'll be learning about the musical characteristics of a waltz and how to apply this to the ukulele.

What is 'Ukulele Nightschool'?
Ukulele Nightschool is a weekly ukulele lesson with a different theme each week. We'll cover music- theory, composers, history, playing techniques and much more. Besides being a very educational night, it will also be lots of FUN.

You Will Learn:
• 3/4 Time Signature
• Jazz- and "+" Chords
• Dynamics and how to apply dynamics to the story line of a song.

DATE: Thursday the 10th of April
TIME: 7:30PM - 9:30PM,  Doors Open 7PM
LOCATION: Zaagmolenstraat 125A, 3036HH Het Oude Noorden, Rotterdam
COSTS: €15,- per lesson OR buy a  punch card good for 5 lessons for just €60,- (Save €15, on 5 lessons). 
Lessons every Thursday between the 27th of March and the 29th of May!
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3 April, Ukulele Nightschool: "O Ukulele Where Art Thou?"

During this 2nd 'Walk-In' Class of Ukulelenightschool we'll be focusing on Bluegrass Music and Songs from the film, 'O Brother Where Art Thou?" This film brought about a huge revival in Old-Timey Country and Bluegrass Music when it was released in the year 2000.

During the evening you will also learn:
  • What is Bluegrass?
  • The "1-4-5 System" (Implementing the Circle of Fifths)
  • Classic Bluegrass Intro's Licks & Endings
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DATE: Thursday the 3rd of April
TIME: 7:30pm - 9pm (Doors Open at 7pm)
LOCATION: Zaagmolenstraat 125A, 3036HH Het Oude Noorden, Rotterdam
COSTS: €15,- per lesson OR you can purchase a 'Punch Card' for 5 lessons for €60,- (Save 15,- euro's!)
              Lessons take place every Thursday from the 27th of March till the 29th of May
EXTRA INFO: Maximum 15 participants, First come first serve.
SIGN UP: via o.v.v. Ukulele Nightschool